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Discover a Vivid Picture of Concaves in Combine Harvesters 17 / 04 / 2020 The combine harvester, as its name suggests, combines the separate operations: cutting and gathering of the plants, grain threshing and separating, and grain cleaning and collecting in the combine tank into a single process.
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If there is a problem harvesting other crops, it falls to the farmer to make the changes that will make the combine work in other conditions. Many times manufacturers will produce a combine in a way that only makes sense from a manufacturing point of view. Also, these manufacturers are all in the business of selling replacement parts.
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These high quality, heavy duty Concaves are available for most makes of combines. Made from Grade 1045 high carbon steel, the thicker cross bars, wires and side plates prove greater strength and durability. Wire holes are drilled to provide a tight fit which prevents spearing and trapping of straw. Most Rotary and Conventional Concaves are line ...
Combine Concaves – Large Wire. Large-wire concaves are standard on S-Series and STS Series rice combines and available as an option on corn and small-grain combines. Selection of the correct concave configuration is a key component to the performance of the combine in a wide variety of crops and conditions.
Swapping out traditional round wire combine concaves for our innovative bar and grate style modular concaves (sized for everything from alfalfa to chickpeas) results in a more efficient threshing, getting your grain out of the head and into the hopper quicker, equating a decreased rotor loss and less dockage.The 7720 combine comes standard with a regular-length feeder house that has variable speeds and a reverser. The bar-type concave has deep crossbars that are built strongly to deliver an even, smooth crop and complete threshing. To match the cylinder speed, the beater on the 7720 adjusts its speed automatically when cylinder speed is changed. Our unique selection of concaves and other essential rotary combine elements fit all the major brands. When you are harvesting canola and other small-radius grains, all the way up to corn's sizeable challenges, we have concaves, cylinders, rotors, and beaters, as well as precision balancing to help you harvest your yearly crop choices.
The aftermarket combine concaves can be used for different types of crops. There is no need to change concave each time a different crop is harvested. Once installed, different settings can be used to harvest any crop. The wires can be adjusted depending on the type of crop; for instance, soybeans, rice, corns, and sorghum needs wide wire concaves.
KX7 Concaves. Gain improved performance and greater customization from our KX7 half-width concaves, available for Case IH, Challenger, Gleaner, John Deere, and Massey Ferguson combines. Learn more about KX7Combines for the Small Farm . The Allis-Chalmers All Crop Harvester series combines are an example of the PTO-driven tow-behind combines manufactured in great profusion between the mid-1930s and the early 1960s. These combines were a very effective tool for family-sized farms, since they didn't require the investment or maintenance of a self ...
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