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Read novel Powerful Firebender {Entrapta X Reader X Azula} written by firelord_shadd, rating: 0, category: Movies, tag: xreader, azula, Firebending. Y/N, a being from planet Earth and a normal teen.
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Oct 7, 2014 - Avatar: The Legend of Aang - Azula and Honora
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pairing: Zuko x Princess!reader. warnings: angst, mentions of injuries, mentions of burn wounds. request: Could you write a Fire Lilies blurb about Zuko’s and Princess! Reader’s fight against Azula during Sozin’s Comet? ~ part of the fire lilies series ~ Originally posted by avatar-state
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Azula Armor Pattern by Burning--Ice on DeviantArt I was looking for one a while back to compare notes while I was sewing mine and couldn't find one, so I decided to put one up. I guess if it's helpful, ...
- what really gave him away though was his blushing and giggling throughout the meeting and quick glances at endeavor whenever he'd read a funny comment on endeavor's appearance in order to...Sokkla is the het ship between Sokka and Azula in the Avatar: The Last Airbender fandom. 1 Canon 2 Fanon 3 Fandom 4 Navigation Sokka and Azula were mainly enemies for the duration of the series. Sokka was a Water Tribe warrior who was helping Aang win the war while Azula was the crowned princess of the Fire Nation. They first met during a large stand-off in Tu Zin. However, they first really ...
Azula's best boards. "I'll Take a Potato Chip". Azula • 127 Pins. Azula • 4,000 Pins. Avatar aka mostly Zuko. Ibuki's Wife • 1,382 Pins. Bertholdt x annie.
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